Enjoy a unique view of Bilbao

360º views of Bilbao from Torre Iberdrola, every weekend and holiday

Enjoy a 360º experience at 115 meters above ground

Go up to floor 25 of Torre Iberdrola and enjoy a 360º experience from a true icon of the city's transformation, at 115 meters above ground

Relax and see the past and the present of the city and the river with your own eyes, and the significant role that Torre Iberdrola and its architecture has played on this change.


Saturdays, sundays and holidays from 10:00 h to 19:30 h

Check the special timetables for bank holiday weekends and Easter Week, and conditions for groups of more than 20 people.


Adults 9 €
Reduced price* 6 €

(*) Reduced price is applicable to children from 3 to 12 years old, people over 65, members of large families and accredited students.

Vista desde Torre Iberdrola

What to expect from your Torre Iberdrola visit?

360º views from the highest spot

360º views from the highest spot

Go up to floor 25 of Torre Iberdrola and discover a unique view of Bilbao, from the heart of the city.

Photography exhibit

Photography exhibit

Yesterday and today: Bilbao’s transformation. The before and after of the city, in images.
Torre Iberdrola. The architecture of an icon of the city's transformation.

Giga-panoramic picture of Bilbao

Giga-panoramic picture: an unpublished image of Bilbao

A spectacular view of Bilbao, shot from the Arraiz Mountain, in which Torre Iberdrola is already part of the landscape. The visit is completed with unique and singular views of the city.

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Visita Torre Iberdrola


Buy your tickets

Yes, although most of our visitors value the comfort of purchasing their tickets on-line, we also sell them at the Torre Iberdrola ticket office. However, we do not accept cash payments, or travellers’ cheques. Only credit card payments are accepted.

Remember that you need an official identification (ID card or passport) and your ticket to access the building.

On-line tickets to the viewpoint can be used any time of the day, as long as the maximum capacity hasn’t been reached.

You can visit the building at any time between 10 am and 7:30 pm. Please remember that same-day tickets won’t be on sale after 7 pm.

No. Tickets can only be used one single time. Once you’ve exited the viewpoint you will need to purchase another ticket if you want to go up again.

For groups of over 20 people, please write gerencia@torreiberdrola.com for personalised information. If you wish to organise a visit for a dignitary or a celebrity, please write gerencia@torreiberdrola.com.

Tickets cannot be reimbursed.

In the event that Torre Iberdrola is responsible for the cancellation, due to operational, maintenance or security reasons, you will be reimbursed the full ticket price.

Torre Iberdrola may postpone or cancel in the event of force majeure, or if the organiser has another significant reason to cancel. Force majeure events include but are not limited to: terrorist threats, terrorist attacks, bad weather conditions, strikes, fires, war, government intervention, pandemics, failures and/or delay in technical installations, and other similar or related circumstances.

How to reach Torre Iberdrola

All visitors must access Torre Iberdrola through the main entrance located on Plaza de Euskadi 5.

Visit our Map to see the transport options.

Torre Iberdrola does not have a public carpark. Although around the building you may find nearby carparks in Plaza Euskadi or the Zubiarte Shopping Centre.

The visit

The best moment to enjoy the views from the Torre Iberdrola viewpoint is at sunset. However, the calmest time is at 10 am. We open Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, from 10 am to 7:30 pm.

No. We close the doors to visits at 7:30 pm. Please read the special conditions if you wish to organise a private visit outside of our opening hours.

The stairs are closed to visitors. You must use the lifts.

There is no time limit, or specific visit intervals. However, we recommend setting aside at least one hour for your visit.

During the busiest times, especially in sunny months, the wait to purchase your tickets may be longer. You may cut down the waiting period by purchasing your tickets on-line; this will allow you to reduce the time you stand in line at the reception and you can stand on the line for the lift.

If you wish to visit the viewpoint with a guide you should book it in advance writing this email address: gerencia@torreiberdrola.com

There are toilets on the viewpoint floor. The viewpoint doesn't have restaurants, or shops, or food or drink stalls.

Yes. Lifts are available for visitors with baby strollers. Babies under the age of 2 don’t pay their tickets.

No. Tripods are forbidden in the observatory and there is no place to store them in the building.

It is forbidden to eat and drink in our facilities, to keep them as clean as possible.

Pets are not allowed in the building, except for guide dogs.

The articles included in the list below are not allowed in Torre Iberdrola. Don't come into the security control area with any of these objects. Confiscated articles may not be returned. Please consider that this is not a comprehensive list, therefore, if you are unsure of a specific article, don't bring it. Any question or doubt can be addressed to the security guard on site.

  • It is strictly forbidden to enter Torre Iberdrola with any sort of weapons, including firearms, munition, knives, swords, scissors, mazes, any other hazardous article or a double-use article that could be dangerous.
  • Glass articles such as bottles, cups, or marbles, etc.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Cans, bottles, containers, etc.
  • Professional cameras, camera stands and equipment: tripods, bipods and monopods.
  • Sports equipment such as scooters, skates, golf clubs, baseball bats, hockey sticks, baseball balls, soccer balls, tennis balls, etc.
  • Painting materials such as spray markers or paint.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Large parcels, packages, carry-on luggage and other packages.
  • Costumes and masks.
  • Drones.

Security staff is authorised to confiscate these sorts of objects and deny access to Torre Iberdrola to the owner of these objects.
Torre Iberdrola does not have lockers to store your personal belongings.

Torre Iberdrola has a permanent 24/7 security service. You just need to go through the security control, which is similar to airport security (metal arch and scanner) and you must identify yourself by means of an official document (ID card or passport). Remember that we use security cameras and other surveillance means throughout the building.

The indications and instructions of the security staff should be followed immediately. In the event that they suspect that you carry or hold illegal or dangerous arms, our staff is authorised to detain you.

Admission to Torre Iberdrola may be denied and any of our visitors may be expelled (and their ticket shall not be reimbursed) if they are seen doing any of the actions included, but not limited, to those in the list below:

  • Be evidently under the effects of alcohol or drugs;
  • Be in possession of or trafficking drugs;
  • Be in possession of forbidden objects;
  • Refuse to be frisked / searched by the security staff;
  • Refuse or violate any of the regulations or general conditions;
  • Show a behaviour that is considered inappropriate, provocative, inciting violence, hate, xenophobia or racism; or
  • That risks the safety or the life of any of the attendees or the staff.

For security reasons, the Organiser has the right to:

  • Interrupt or suspend the visit;
  • Prevent entrance to the premises until further notice;
  • Request attendees to abandon the premises calmly;
  • Prevent entrance to the premises, even if the attendees have a valid pass.

Security is a priority at Torre Iberdrola, in case of emergency, don't hesitate to dial 112 and call the security staff on the floor.

Torre Iberdrola has adapted toilets for people with mobility issues, they won’t have any issues either during their visit since our windows go from floor to ceiling. Guide dogs are accepted in the building. You may access the facilities with wheelchairs, either motorised or not. The viewpoint has enough space to facilitate the access to visitors on wheelchairs, allowing them to enjoy their visit.

After your visit

If you lost something, please call +34 944227204. If you find something during your visit, please turn it in at the main entrance reception booth. Unclaimed objects will be stored for a maximum period of seven days.

Other information

Torre Iberdrola is a 165 meter-high skyscraper and is divided in 41 floors. The architect is Cesar Pelli. also known for designing the Petrona Towers in Kuala Lumpur (452 metres) or the Glass Tower in Madrid (249.5 metres), the highest in Spain. Get to know more about our building on www.torreiberdrola.com

Events and Offices

If you wish to host a corporate event at Torre Iberdrola please check our available spaces and request a quote by writing gerencia@torreiberdrola.com

No, we do not accept private weddings.

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